Does an Erotica Story Excite Its Author?


Before I became an erotica writer, I imagined that all erotica writers became super turned on whenever they wrote their stories. I dreamed up some hypothetical situations where they would type with one hand or only get a few paragraphs in before having to take a break to relieve some “pressure.”

I was surprised to discover that my experience is quite different. It’s very possible that some erotica writers are like that, but that’s not quite my process. Sure, I enjoy reading my own stories, but by the time I’ve written and edited my stories, it’s the equivalent of reading it 15 times in a row, which certainly takes the element of discovery out of it.

I think part of it is because I’m focused on the craft of it. I’m concentrating on the flow of the words and smoothing out any rough edges. A reader doesn’t so much focus on the craft of writing while reading, nor should they. All a reader wants to do is to enjoy a saucy story. And it’s my purpose to provide that for them. My pleasure comes from inspiring pleasure in my readers.

I just found this tidbit interesting to share. So if you were wondering if I write all my stories one-handed, there you are. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t have my fun after my writing session is done for the night. ; )



43 thoughts on “Does an Erotica Story Excite Its Author?

  1. Of course I find the things I write arousing… but that pleasure only indicates I’m on the right track, and doesn’t distract me from completing a project. Besides, writing itself is such a pleasure for me I’d be hard-pressed to point out the difference between writing erotica or anything else.

    The real fun with erotica begins when I get to read the finished piece to my wife, whose reaction tells me if I’ve really hit the target or not.

    As for letters curated at my blog, well… it’s rare to receive a letter that was typed. Therefore, almost every piece must have been written one handed! I like to think of it as a result of the intimate nature of pen and paper! 😉


  2. Interesting thought. When I started writing BDSM stories I had the same idea – or should I say expectation? Yes, indeed, I do like to read my own writing. But the effort to keep the story as non-cluttered, fast-paced and attractive to my audience drives out all other urges…


  3. I tend to be super turned on as I write imaging the scenario, I don’t have to break away though. I think I get more turned on by people telling me what it does to them. Nothing more rewarding than that, pleasing another person with my dirty mine 🙂

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    1. How extremely well put, Kelee! I often find myself pondering, writing, erasing, rephrasing endlessly, until it’s there: the way of writing it down that catches exactly what you wanted to express. And that’s a definite moment of excitement.

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  4. I don’t get aroused while writing my stories or poems.. But I do get more than aroused by living them. I get aroused thinking of the scenarios.. I can not say I have lived out all my works, but I do my best to find an interested party (now that I am divorced with no prospects that is much harder) to help me make these fantasies realities.


  5. Reblogged this on BellaB Author and commented:
    I think this makes for interesting and stimulating 😉 reading. I’d recommend it to erotica writers and fans alike. I fully agree. When I’m writing I’m focused on the effect the piece will have on the reader. I picture the scene in my head and ‘watch’ the characters to see if it’s sexy or sensual or explores their characters and desires. Nick and Honey had a lot of fun with Handcuffs. I enjoyed the research!

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  6. The writer is to the reader as the dominant is to the submissive. It all comes down to one person planning surprises, and another person being, well, being surprised by them. And planning the surprises, it’s certainly more of a meta-sexual turn on. The brain is a wild thing.


  7. This was very interesting to read. I recently wrote my first, and probably last, erotic story. It was rather a challenge for me, but I definitely grew as a writer! (No pun intended!)


  8. Crotch tension and damp panties make bad writing. I read that some ten years ago when starting my first attempts at writing erotica. I’ve always kept it in mind, and it works for me. Interestingly I’m able to combine it with still being excited over the end result, but maybe that’s the same as laughing about your own jokes 🙂


  9. It honestly depends what I’m writing, how excited I get, but like you I’m more focused on content and good writing than myself. Can always take of myself later.


  10. I definitely get turned on by writing scenes in my stories. I do type with both hands, and I find that I type faster as I get more turned on. The idea of typing with one hand doesn’t really appeal to me. But there are some scenes that frustrate me, with trying to further the story or add depth to a character.


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