Top 15 Erotic Categories Searched Online


I found an article online that broke down the statistics on the 15 most common online searches for erotic content. The statistics are mainly geared toward explicit videos online, but I feel that it mirrors erotica ebook content decently enough. I thought it would be fun to discuss each in a reasonably R-rated fashion (I save the X-rated stuff for my books).

Alright, here are the top 15, starting with the least popular of the set, leaving number one as the most popular.

15. Hypnosis/mind control/mental conditioning
This one I already have written about with Ravished by the Boss. Personally, I find the subject matter a lot of fun, but it does cause some havoc with certain publishers like Apple. Anything that is remotely non-consensual, even philosophically, is not allowed. There is some gray area on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo enough to have some of it on there.

14. Group sex
This would be different than the threesome, which comes later. In erotica, this would be more of the orgy-type scenario, where it’s a free-for-all of limbs, more or less. I haven’t written a group situation like that yet, thus far focusing more on twos and threes for the emotional connection. That’s certainly not to say that I won’t branch out to this in the future. It has potential.

13. Teacher/professor
 This subject I most certainly want to cover. At the moment, I’m tinkering around with the idea of doing a college student and professor erotica story soon.

12. College
 This one is similar to the last, and given the above 18 ages that I make all my characters, it’s pretty much the only teacher-type setting that I can write about.

11. Creampie
Personally, this is the sort of thing I sprinkle into some of my stories rather than have it be the sole reason for an entire story, but you never know in the future.

10. Babysitter
There’s some potential here, but the age of the stereotypical babysitter is not far over 18, and that’s becoming more and more censored on places like Amazon. It’s not out of the question, though.

9. Threesome
This is certainly in my department. I will be writing a threesome story here fairly soon. It’s a lot of fun to write these types of stories and to explain how it came about in the first place.

8. Mom
With some of the recent censoring, this pretty much needs to be a stepmom-type situation.

7. Massage
I’m pretty excited about this one. A friend of mine became a massage therapist about a year ago, and she needed people to practice on. Naturally, I volunteered. Nothing happened, so don’t get too excited, but I was running through different scenarios while I was getting the rubdown. ; )

6. Stepsister
Stepfamily erotica is something that is pretty huge right now, but I’m also hearing rumblings that Amazon might crackdown on that next. As an erotica author, I have to weigh the risk versus reward of if I come out with a step-love line, just to have it be banned. As of right now, it seems that nook and kobo will almost take whatever they can get, so it’ll likely be fine on there for quite a while.

5. Biracial
This is a subject that I do plan to get into, as it is quite popular. The most popular is a black man with a white woman, but I would like to experiment with this a little bit, even including an asian/white, latina/white, etc. Why limit it to just one combination? It’s all good fun.

4. Cartoon
This one surprised me a bit, and it certainly relates mainly to online videos. Needless to say, I don’t see myself writing a cartoon erotica ebook anytime soon.

3. Teen
This is a big one, especially for online videos, but the overall appeal is pretty clear. A lot of my stories have included eighteen and nineteen-year-olds who have just started college. Youth is sexy in many cultures, so that’s an easy well to draw upon.

2. Stepmom
This one’s pretty sexy, and one that I want to explore more. It runs into the same question concerning stepsister that we discussed earlier, but a stepmom could easily be the MILF next door, scoping out the guy or girl neighbor. The possibilities are pretty endless. I’m toying around with the idea of Susan from Her Last Fling being interested in a slightly younger neighbor guy.

1. Lesbian
Interestingly enough, I read an article recently that said the top porn search for female users online is lesbian erotica, and the article strongly indicated that these were likely straight women. At first, that surprised me a little, but then I thought about how much sense that made. If you haven’t noticed, women are pretty sexy! No matter the orientation, it’s hard for any gender to at least not recognize the beauty of women.

Regarding online videos, the survey hypothesized that lesbian videos are more sensual overall than m/f videos, playing a bit more to a “feminine” style of viewing. I suppose that could be said of lesbian erotica ebooks as well. It wasn’t just due to the survey, but I have recently decided to publish my first lesbian erotica ebook next. It’s going to be about a steamy, lesbian poker night. I’ll leave it at that, but I’m sure that already has your imagination working. ; )

Which subject matter do you like reading the most in your erotica?



20 thoughts on “Top 15 Erotic Categories Searched Online

  1. Recently, I have really been into menage, but I think that’s because it’s becoming more socially acceptable and with publishing on Amazon, it is easier to publish.

    My all time favorite is the childhood friends trope, particularly if one of the leads falls for the siblings best friend. I don’t know why but it just makes it that much hotter for me (maybe because I am marrying my childhood love…)


      1. Thank you! It’s about as romantic as I get. I have known him since preschool but only recently did we get together (2 years in September.)


  2. It is interesting how certain categories and themes are often more viewed or read than others. If you get the chance, go to Pornhub and check out their yearly stats on what people often search for. As for either ‘stepsister/incest’ and ‘mind control’ erotica, while Amazon is cracking down on it, there are several other independent retailers that have no qualms with releasing those kind of books.

    As for the kind of erotica I enjoy to read, I can enjoy any kind of story as long as there isn’t that reoccurring plot line of ‘a girl falls in love with a broody millionaire/billionaire.’ Why is it always a bloody rich person? Why can’t there be an erotica story with a girl falling for an average guy?


      1. You would have to do your research. GoodReads actually has a book lists where more taboo subjects (ie. Incest) are listed. You could check out the books there and see where they are sold.


  3. Good list! Nanny can fit the Babysitter description and most of those are college students, often foreign exchange students. Do you watch Girls?


  4. I completely agree with the Hypnosis/mind control/mental conditioning topic on this list. I love being mentally controlled during daily tasks or in bondage.


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