Why I Enjoy Reading Erotica


When someone markets a product they created, that person has to consider why the consumer wants that product. As I’m an erotica author, I asked myself recently why I enjoy reading erotica. At first, I wasn’t quite sure. I know that I do, but putting a finger on why turned out to be more difficult than I thought.

Of course, there is the obvious. It’s hot. It perks up my day (quite literally), especially when I need to blow off some pressure, or I just got done with a disappointing date. But is that enough?

Sure. For a lot of people, that is perfectly suitable for them, but I wanted to dig deeper. Why else do I enjoy reading tantalizing stories about two people (or sometimes more) going at it? I came to another layer of the conclusion, which is that I enjoy reading what I’m not supposed to. When someone tells me that I’m not supposed to enjoy something, it only makes me want to enjoy it more.

To use a broad societal brush, it’s still somewhat of a taboo for women to enjoy reading sensual stories, especially when you get into certain subject matters. In some circles, I’m not supposed to enjoy reading about when a woman cheats on her husband with the pool boy, or a woman tries a threesome for the first time. But I do. Oh, I do. In part because I’m not “supposed to.”

So there you have it. I’m not sure if you consider that ultra deep or not, but there it is.

Why do you, dear reader, enjoy reading erotica?



47 thoughts on “Why I Enjoy Reading Erotica

  1. I found myself writing it long before I really started reading it. Now that I read others I appreciate the effort and time regardless of whether the story gets. But some of them get me for sure.


  2. Excellent article, and I agree. We always want the taboo. I’m not really into erotica, though I do enjoy a steamy novel thrown into the mix of everything else I read. I think they key thing for book snobs to remember is that there’s rarely a such thing as a “bad” book. That is to say that I learn something from almost every book I read. And if that read comes with the side effect of true enjoyment and blowing off steam, well then…there ya go! 🙂

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  3. As for me I enjoy reading and writing erotica for some of the same reasons. It’s hot, exciting, dirty, and taboo. It is a release from our more vanilla sex life and takes you to a place where our fantasies can be explored and set free.

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  4. It adds a certain spice to our life. We crave it. Reading about it allows us to put our own spin on it. 😉 Plus, I’m not sure I know how to write a book without some kink in it… (0_o)


  5. I enjoy reading as I have a VERY active imagination and depending on the writing style I can put myself in the story. Then I begin to reflect if I would truly do that, in a way I test my boundaries thru reading and my own writing.

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  6. Well, depending on what kind of erotica it is, I enjoy it for the story or I enjoy it for the laughs. If I am reading something from an author like Sylvia Day (Crossfire series), I read for the captivating story. However, if I read something from an author like Christie Sims (Taken by the T-Rex) I just want to laugh.

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  7. I’m a heterosexual female, so I agree that there’s a vague taboo surrounding women enjoying tantalizing stories, and that makes it all the more fun to read.

    I don’t read erotica often, but I prefer it over porn. Erotica leaves so much up to my imagination and allows me to identify with characters easily. Most porn (especially heterosexual porn) is really depressing. You can tell many of the actors/actress don’t want to be having sex on camera. They look like their soul has been broken… it’s just sad, and it makes it difficult to get in to. Or, the ladies look over-produced and over-enthusiastic… huge tits, bleached hair, malnourished body, and a plastic face. I don’t look like that, so it’s impossible to relate to them. Of course this isn’t ALL heterosexual porn, but in my experience, it’s most of it. I actually prefer watching gay male porn because I can imagine myself in the mix. I wonder if other women enjoy that too?

    Either way, in erotica, I like reading about heterosexual sexy encounters. The characters can be whoever I want them to be (including me).

    Great post! Interesting topic.

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  8. I haven’t really read a lot of erotica, but I have consumed (well, um, maybe that isn’t the best choice of words) some as a small part of certain novels that I have read. I think, for me at least, it’s uncovering a true passion between two individuals regardless of any obstacles that may be thrown in their path. There is something about unbridled desire that reveals those elements of humanity that are too often concealed. Yeah, I know, it’s sort of ironic to have such a virtuous reason for enjoying this intense type of content, but I would like to see more people be true to themselves instead of cowering behind societal expectations (within reason, of course) 😉 Thanks for sharing, just reading your thoughts has helped me to better understand a little about myself, which is always a good thing 🙂

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    1. Thanks davecenker! I’m glad you found it helpful. I hear you on that, there is a line. What I write is halfway between erotica and erotic romance of sorts. They’re short stories, so they’re not long, drawn-out love stories, but I don’t jump right into bed with my characters.


  9. I read several erotic books by Lucy Taylor quite some time ago. They were very stimulating and captivating. I still have them. I should re-read to see if they still excite.


  10. Well I’m glad you and other erotic writers do. For years we were kept out of the bedroom, wanting more. (I’m old enough to remember that time too!) Lol. But seriously, there are millions of us women who love erotic romance, and so glad that you do what you do.


  11. Yes. This. LOL. Those are the reasons I read it too. But I also love writing BDSM into my erotica as well. To me, it adds the extra layer of taboo and hotness. Everything you said, but jacked up about ten times. 😀 Great post.


  12. It’s good to hear that there’s a writer behind the writing. And my take-away here is the very, very important truth that in certain things, such as what is considered ‘taboo’, it is very, very important to cross those very lines without shame; in other words, with clarity and plainness just as you have done here.


  13. When I was a child, I found a copy of ‘Tropic of Cancer’ – Henry Miller on my family book shelf – an English literature matriarch ran our show as kids. The book enticed me, I ‘reflected’ upon it many times throughout my teenage years. When I moved into my first apartment after high school, I brought with me a selection of books, including ToC. Sometime during a visit, a friend came by when my girlfriend and I were ‘laying’ about, it was during that stage when my apartment was relatively new, and everyone welcome. He glanced at my books on the shelf, scanning the titles, and pulled ToC off the shelf, turned to the two of us, and stated giddily, ‘the binder is creased at all the dirty parts’ – my girlfriend smiled at me while I sat mortified.

    Cut to years later, I began my blog to tap into the eroticism that seemingly has been tucked away in my lethal mind for many years. I’ve found an outlet, and many readers enjoy the words. I read erotica because I want to be turned on. I write erotica because I want to turn you on, while at the same time, hone my writing skills. Read on everyone … 🙂


  14. Well I love to braking lines, despite of that I’m amateur poet and more painter of my inner world i love to show this side of my inner dreams, sensualities and dirty kinky side of me. It’s only making me human, open for her sexuality, but as usual some people will always judge. And also those who intent to be so tolerant. I love reading that kind of erotica that has fire within but I need to feel it and it needs to take my attention so much that I can’t wait to read more, it needs to be something dangerously dirty, and what will move my strings of my let’s say “not vanilla” preferences.so it’s needs to be dripping wet and dirtiest the better… Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 😊


  15. Reading erotica is hot for the depth that video porn usually doesn’t provide. Videos are also hot, but they have limitations in the imagination. And that’s where good stories can pick up. They go in many different places than just two pretty people having sex in a bedroom. And they can add depth to the characters.

    About your note that women reading sensual stories as taboo: I would like think that 50 Shades of Grey helped crumble the idea that women aren’t just interested in romance novels where the female protagonist gets swept away. And I bet those novels have steamy scenes, to show what happens after the female gets swept away 🙂 So I hope women are feeling comfortable taking the plunge with erotica. I’ve had a couple women readers mention that they liked my stories, and those were wonderful compliments.


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