Publishing With Apple


I’m pretty excited. As of today, I am now self-publishing with Apple, via Her Last Fling.

You might think this isn’t a big thing, but Apple is very strict on what erotica they accept. Even outside of the obviously offensive-ish kinks, they have another list of kinks that may surprise you that they don’t allow.

For example, it was explained to me by a rep that a story involving a person who unwittingly drinks a potion and then switches genders is not allowed by Apple. The school of thought is that what is happening to the person is against their will, therefore forced on them, which equals bad. It’s a fairly innocent way to think about something quasi-sexual forced on someone, but there you go.

I’ll likely still write what I wish, with the understanding that not all of it will make it to Apple. I’m okay with that. I plan to publish enough short story e-books that there will be enough love for everyone.

Do many of you out there read e-books via iBooks/iTunes? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


12 thoughts on “Publishing With Apple

    1. I talked to a Draft2Digital rep (who I publish to Apple through), who gave me a run-down of the list. The biggies were no incest (even step-family), and everything has to be uber uber consensual. Nothing can be done unwittingly. The D2D rep was refreshingly open about describing sex acts in fiction, which was interesting to say the least. : P


  1. I wish I could use an i-anything. My kindle doesn’t usually even play videos or anything animated (even yahoo icons are static.) Shouldn’t that be cruel and unusual punishment these days?! LOL! Big congrats on self-publishing and bridging Apple’s gap!


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