Announcing Her Last Fling

Her Last Fling


It’s time to announce my latest erotica ebook! 

This one is a saucy story about an engaged woman on the night before her wedding. Take a look at the summary:

“Susan is nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous the night before her wedding?

She spends her bachelorette party with her best friend at a male strip club but ends up leaving early. Within minutes, she bumps into the stripper that gyrated over her lap an hour ago. After a glass of wine, she sees her friend walking past–near enough to spot her sharing a drink with a man other than her fiancé.

In an attempt to evade being caught, Susan rushes in the direction of the stripper’s hotel room. Now she must decide between getting a good night’s sleep for her wedding or being tangled in the sheets with her new mystery man.”



I want to thank all my readers for your continuing support. I love being able to write what I love, and at the same time, bring a little pleasure to your day.

I had a lot of fun writing Her Last Fling, and I’m already working on the next one!






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