Seeking Beta Readers


Good evening, lovelies.

As I continue to write and publish my naughty little stories, I’ve come to the point to where I would like to put together a beta reading team. I already have one beta reader who has read my stories from the beginning, but it would be nice to have a larger pool of opinions and viewpoints. My original beta reader is fantastic at what she does, although I’m sure I put her through the ringer with the volume I write.

For those of you who might be interested, my beta readering team would read everything I write for free in its finished form before it’s even published. I will email you a copy before it’s published, then after you read it, you’ll give me your thoughts, opinions, critique, and praise (if applicable). The trade-off for the feedback is the free reading of steamy stories and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that I think you’re awesome. I ideally prefer my beta readers to be readers who are not authors/writers themselves.

The most important facet of being a beta reader is turnaround. My goal is to publish a new erotica short story every 3 weeks-ish, so the expectation, if you will, would be for the beta reader to read the story and return it with feedback ideally within a few days to a week. My stories usually fall between 4k-8k words, so usually they can be read in an hour or two. I wouldn’t say that you’re required to read every one,  but why wouldn’t you, right? Erotica! : )

I’ll also have a small nondisclosure and non-compete form to protect the material that I would send over from being distributed or plagiarized–a formality mostly, although it never hurts to have the bases covered.

So, if that interests you, go ahead and message me. My email is redlacepublishing (at) outlook (dot) com .



17 thoughts on “Seeking Beta Readers

  1. Great idea, would you be interested in a two-way beta reading thing? I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I don’t post that often but would be happy to read your work whenever you have new material. Let me know!


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