Publishing on Kindle vs. Nook/Kobo/Apple


Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to whether I should publish my future erotica short stories and collections exclusively on Kindle via KDP Select, or whether I should ignore the KDP Select and publish them on every marketplace possible, for example, Nook, Kobo, Apple, etc.

KDP Select is enticing, and so far it has made up of about 40% the sales/borrows of my most recent erotica short story, Ravished By the Boss.

But I often wonder how many readers I might be missing. It seems that erotica has good footing on the Nook, and I certainly don’t want to leave any potential readers stranded, especially if erotica does well on these other markets.

How about you, dear reader? Do you own an eReader other than the Kindle? Do you wish more authors would not go exclusive through KDP Select so that you can read them too? Or are you all contently reading via a Kindle? Let your voices be heard on where you want to read my steamy stories.



21 thoughts on “Publishing on Kindle vs. Nook/Kobo/Apple

  1. I was passing by and saw your post about this. I am a Kobo user, and have been for a long long time. This means that the formats I use are Epub and pdf mostly. I don’t know what format kindle takes, but I’ve found that aslong as the ebook can be accessed as an Epub, Mobi, and PDF then your set for most if not all ereaders.


  2. Actually I’m a Kindle fan, and I am able to receive Mobi and PDF versions of books on my Kindle. For a pdf, the author sends me the book in pdf format and I just forward the email w attachment to my Kindle email address, and the book downloads.


  3. I’m old-fashioned and still a fan of actual books x_x I guess maybe that’s why I’m having such a hard time finding someplace to self-publish (I’ve only posted my work on my blog so I guess I’m KINDA self-published?)


  4. Thought I’d share my experience of this.

    From my experience of publishing to different platforms I have to say that very few sales have come through the likes of kobo or barnes & noble compared to amazon.

    This may be affected by the way they’ve been distributed via smashwords but can’t be certain unfortunately.


    1. It seems that it takes about a year to see substantive results. To gauge it sooner than that is premature, so I’m told. Although, I’m thinking that the benefits of a matured “other” channel than Amazon is worth it. I’m going “wide” from here on out, for the time being.


  5. I’ve had Nook for many years and I like supporting someone other than Amazon, so I always choose that format if possible. But if I have to, I will read a book using the Kindle app.


  6. A buddy of mine purchased a Nook while he was in Afghanistan and had it sent home to his dad for safe keeping. He was supposed to come home, but was extended for about a year. When he did come home and eventually opened his brand new Nook, he found that it didn’t work. It displayed nothing but fuzzy lines. When he called Barnes and Noble to see if he could get an exchange, explaining his situation, he was told no. He had waited too long to open the package and that they would not take it back.

    For that reason, I won’t buy one.


  7. The exclusive Kindle deal is only for three months. So you could release it on Amazon first, take advantage of some of the things like a week free or Countdown days and then release it everywhere when the three months are up.


    1. That’s true. I’ve been hearing that the free promotion is lessening in effectiveness, though. I think I might leave the one ebook on Kindle select but go wide with all of the rest from here on out. That way it’s a foot into the select door without contributing more to it. That’s my thinking, anyway.

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    1. Feel free to let me know your experience. Thus far, concerning the one ebook I have in select, I’ve “sold” more copies through select, but I’ve made more overall dollars by not going select. It’s hard to compare apples to apples due to the exclusivity factor, though.

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  8. I run my ebooks through my open office software on the laptop. Calibre works in my OS, but I am an odd duck in that department. I run Ubuntu Linux and I can run any format I wish. I can also transcribe any format to another. (Current formats, new ones we will ahve to watch for) I sell on Kindle and I lke their solid organization over there at the big A.


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