Announcing Ravished By the Boss


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Ravished By the Boss.


Check out the summary:

Sarah doesn’t believe in anything but the here and now. Superstition and the paranormal means nothing to her, which is why she finds it strange that ever since her boss stared wearing a particular tie clip holding a reflective stone, she couldn’t help but wonder how to make his life more pleasurable.

With so many people to manage, the dashing Mr. Kane had little reason to talk to his secretary, until her beauty turns his head at the office. He considers it a perfect opportunity to show her something she never saw before and soon notices how particularly susceptible she is to his influence.

Indulge in this steamy read about a powerful boss and a naïve secretary, and discover what it is about him that makes her want to obey his every need.



I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Ravished By the Boss


By the time Sarah turned onto 35th Street, her hand felt like fire. The thin, paper sleeve wrapped around the cup had worked for the past three blocks, but not for the final two. Mr. Kane had given specific instructions on which coffee shop to go to. Not directly to her, of course, but passed down through at least two other people, which only added to the size of the order, making the load difficult.

  She considered herself highly coordinated, in part to her experience as the cheerleader flung into the air for two semesters of college, but juggling an overloaded coffee cup carrier was an entirely different routine. They had been out of the ones with a single handle, so she ended up with the kind that more closely resembled a serving platter. Holding onto the end cup with one hand, with the other underneath, seemed the only way to steady it.

  Flipping around, she pressed her back against the entrance door to the tower, shoving what little weight she had against it. Both hands were still needed for the coffee. The wax on the floor shone, nearly holding her reflection, although a fuzzy version of it. The night crew must have buffed recently. The security guard gave her a nod when she angled her body to display the ID badge. It likely wasn’t necessary; they had stopped asking to see it after her first few weeks. Even so, she had never been one to cut corners.

  Right about when she got to the point of balancing the cup holder in one hand to hit the elevator button, an arm appeared and pressed it for her. She resumed a dual grip and murmured her thanks through the strands of hair falling across her face.

  “No problem.” He smiled broadly under thin-wired glasses. When the doors opened, he gestured for her to go first. Chivalry isn’t dead, then. During the handful of minutes they were in the elevator together, they stood silently, and he coughed twice into his hand in that awkward fashion one does when they have nothing to say. If he was waiting for her to initiate, then he would be waiting a long time.

  The door finally opened on the seventeenth floor, and she stepped over that unnerving sliding door crack. Just before her figure left the frame, she heard a “Have a good day.” It was nice that he got up the nerve to say something, even if it was at the very end. In the middle of the hallway to nobody in particular, she shrugged. He wasn’t bad looking. In fact, he was a little on the cute side. And he had opened the door for her. She could almost hear her mother chuckling in her head. She probably shouldn’t pass judgment too quickly when she hadn’t had a boyfriend other than a low-fat pint of chocolate ice cream for the past three months. Perhaps she would see him again. The glasses guy, not the ice cream. Or both.

  The door to the office swung open with more ease. To some, their office looked like a fishbowl. The hallway met at a T-intersection, and the transparent wall ran for most of the length of it. Mr. Kane liked visibility and honest communication, which was all well and good, but she didn’t quite understand why the mantra had to extend into the architecture.

  “There you are.” Catherine’s normally wrinkled face had a few extra creases in it that morning. “I sent you out on that run nearly forty minutes ago. Did you stop to go sightseeing along the way?”

  More like twenty-five minutes. “I am so sorry. There was a line nearly to the door, and I had to have one of the baristas remake Mr. Kane’s coffee because they accidentally put cream in it. I believe she was new that day and confused the–”

  Catherine waved her hand in the air. “If I wanted your life story, I would have asked for it.” She plucked the drink tray out of her hands and made one of those clicking sounds. “I need to get this to him. He’ll have to start his board meeting without caffeine if I don’t. Next time, try not to dally when I give you a task.”

  Sarah would have called it more of a waddle than a walk, but nonetheless, Catherine made her way to the back office. Normally, a big boss would have taken the far corner office, but instead, Mr. Kane liked to be more toward the center of everything. It was far enough away from the front door to distance himself from the more common issues, but his positioning still reminded her of one of those science class models, where the planets all rotated around the sun. Except here, they were people and not round potatoes or foam circles from the craft store.

  “Well? What are you still standing there for?”

(end of sample)







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