Cramming Face Fruit Fetish


In my quest to write the steamiest stories, I occasionally find myself reading other erotica authors in the name of comparison research. Sometimes this is a rewarding experience, and sometimes it turns out to be more confusing than anything else. I like when authors do something unique and not repeat the same scenes over and over (although I get that many readers like the familiar, so I sometimes write to that audience), but some of the fetishes are downright strange to me.

One such enjoyment I came across was a story about food, fruit in particular. As you can imagine, there was the typical insertions that you might imagine, although the climax turned out to be the male protagonist stuffing a banana down the throat of the female.

Yeah. About that.

While I am the first one to appreciate the kinky and the strange, I just didn’t find this very sexy. I could see a scene where strawberries and cherries are fed to each other before the chocolate syrup comes out, but this . . .

Am I the strange one here? Are you all looking at me funny because I’m not into face fruit stuffing? I’m now wondering if there is a niche group that I should be addressing. Fruit people.



15 thoughts on “Cramming Face Fruit Fetish

  1. Welcome! It is a genuine pleasure to encounter someone else who is also making an effort to write good erotic stories! May you be very successful!


  2. I am now giggling at the idea there is a group of ‘face fruit stuffing’ folk .. if that’s your thing then no judgement by the way.. it’s just my strange imagination went off a who different comedy way

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  3. It could be more of a control thing rather than a fruit thing? As in, the guy finds the *forcing* of the banana to be his kink, rather than just the fruit use. Dominants like to use different ways to show they have the control.

    Either way, playing with food is totally a new take on the normal vanilla sex, I reckon we should actually take some tips from it 😀 If nothing else then you get to eat food and have a laugh with your partner! 😛


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