Contemplating Kinks


I recently wrote an erotica story about hypnosis/mind-control, where the female of the story was enthralled by the man’s control. Personally, I thought the story was pretty hot, but a friend pointed out to me that some people would be turned off by it. It’s a valid point, although I think it brings up a wider question of what audience I’m writing for.

After I thanked her for her feedback, I mentioned that I’m okay if not everyone in my readership is into all of the stories that I write. Should everything in this genre pan out the way I intend, my goal is to eventually well surpass a hundred short erotica stories, so in there somewhere will be something for everyone to love.

How about you, dear reader? When you read erotica, does it bother you when a particular story written by your favorite author doesn’t have the kink that you like? Does it leave a bad taste in your mouth, or do you simply try out the next title she/he writes?



30 thoughts on “Contemplating Kinks

  1. It doesn’t bother me per se, but I do wish some erotica was kinkier. There are certain kinks or fetishes that are very popular now, but there’s a WHOLE LOT more out there that aren’t represented.
    One good thing about kinks and fetishes is that anything can qualify as one. I’m working on a story where my female protagonist has a certain kink. It doesn’t really matter if anyone else has it because it just part of who she is.


      1. That’s why it’s good that there are places like Smashwords where I see some pretty hardcore (e.g. taboo) stuff and publishers that sell direct. I’m sure there are other outlets…not that I can think of any off hand. 🙂


  2. I’ve browsed a lot of adult material online, and when you look/read/play through it all you are bound to find something that doesn’t jive with your own kinks. Hell, with the way I browse these things I am statistically guaranteed to stumble across something that squicks me out. In times like this I’ve learned that the best bet is simply to click the ‘next’ button without passing judgement or getting all worked up about it. Luckily in this day and age most materials can come with some kind of tagging system so there aren’t any surprises.

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  3. I actually love authors who take risks and write different things as long as they don’t deviate too much from what it was that drew me in the first place. When it comes to kinks though, not all will please everyone. But that’s life, isn’t it?

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      1. I think I like most kinks (in fiction btw) LOL. We’re better off listing the ones I don’t like. I don’t like golden showers, pony play or any other animal play for that matter.Those are the ones that come to mind right now.


  4. It’s like any genre. Joe R Lansdale said that you should write like everyone you know is dead. People respond to authenticity in art. Do you have an audience in mind? I know who I write for which tailors the work, not in a calculated way but in respect of knowing who they are and what they like. I don’t see myself in one genre, I’m just looking to make the reader feel something.


  5. Reblogged this on sjlynn87 and commented:
    I’m not into erotica that focuses just on Kink. I need a love story. I need conflict. When an author I like puts something different (new kink) it doesn’t turn me off of the book or author…as long as there’s also a story involved. If you like something and feel others might not want to read it…write it in anyway! You never know. My next book will be darker than the book I’m currently writing. It will have more of a psychological base with my lead male character. I recently told someone I trust about what he’ll be like; his past and his current mentality…she thought it was a bit ‘disturbed’ and ‘weird.’ I’ll take it! There’s so much romance and erotica out there that is the same and everyone now and again…we need something that will shock our readers. Right?!


    1. I agree – if a book is simply about the sex, just call it porn. There should be something that grabs the reader, whether a romance or a conflict or an interesting background. However, even with all that, if a book or short story is not well written, don’t waste the reader’s time.

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  6. I re-blogged this and made a comment, but I’ll do the same on here. I’m currently writing my first novel. It’s an adult romance. It’s not pure erotica, but there will be adult scenes. My next book will be more disturbed probably to some. As I mentioned before, I told someone that I trust to give me their honest opinion about the idea I have for my next book. I told her it would be more darker; more psychological in nature. Honestly, she looked like she was going in shock! But, I told another friend, and she looked completely turned on by it….so, point is, if it’s something you are showing an interest in writing, write it….because chances are…others out there somewhere will love it!!! And if you are passionate about writing the subject, it’ll show. My main thing is that I love books that contain a story. I don’t tend to just want to read all about a sex act (although sometimes that is all I want in a quick read)…I need conflict, love, desire, etc.
    I look forward to reading your work:) I’m actually looking for those who are writing adult romance/erotica to follow and have follow me back so that we can pick each other’s brains.


  7. This is a question best answered by looking at *when* the author wrote the thing that wasn’t to my particular taste–with any piece of fiction, not just erotica, if I already know and enjoy the author, I’ll forgive 1 or 2 or a dozen less-appealing efforts; with an author I don’t know at all, it’s probably more 1 or 2 strikes and you’re out. What’s your target demographic, if I may ask? I’ll probably be able to tell you with reasonable accuracy whether I’m in it or not.

    Thanks for liking my blog post the other day, by the way. I’m rubbish at getting back to people in anything like a timely fashion, but I do my poor best!


  8. I imagine we all have our hard limits. Cheating is mine. There are some kinks that I don’t care to read about, but they are not hard limits. I recently read a book by Lilah Pace (Asking for It) in which the women fantasized about nonconsensual sex. I almost passed it by and that would have been a mistake. It was a great book.


  9. For me there needs to be something mysterious something dark and love… Something not too sugar-coated not typical romance but not only sex. Just something with fire and thunder. Some angst and such turn of events with cliffhanger that will keep my curiosity on my toes till the end and will open my eyes with shock and arousal that I will only want to do two things… Be alone with my partner and read more…


  10. Write what you wanna write. That’s all an author can do, really. If it’s well done (and the excerpts I’ve read thus far are pretty well written, btw!) then the audience will formulate itself over time. It seems audiences get more pissed if authors take their time between novels than if they publish something different. Good authors are imaginative, and they will always have their diversionary moments. I haven’t read any erotica so I can’t comment on kinks, but If I did I’d prefer darker stuff, maybe something with an unsolved mystery or an unexplained phenomenon like a Kafka story.

    By the way, thanks for liking my post the other day! Will definitely check out your stories in the future. 🙂


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